Project Brunch (Singapore)

We are probably the biggest fans of brunch the world has ever seen. K and I. There are 2 main reasons:

1. We love to sleep.

2. We love saving time by combining 2 meals so that we have more time to sleep.

Is that reason enough? I find brunches to be the most delicious of all. Either it is just me or there really does seem to be a lot of butter in the toast (oooooooooh).

Singapore has amazing all-day brunches and we have taken it upon ourselves to sample each one of them. And hence, Project Brunch. If you love your French toast, egg ben, latte, omelette, salad, sausages or pretty much anything on the menu, come join us!

#1 The cafe at Labrador National Park

That’s what  I will call this cafe  until I find the name of the place; something I conveniently forgot as soon as their heavenly eggs and spinach reached our table.


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