What does this letter say?

Wheeee! Congratulations, you all – You are just in time to read some Visha-isms. Yea yea, that’s what I call her lines. If you have been following her on her blog, zackandme where she writes about whatever happens around, above and beneath Zack (her hubby who is a part of almost every post) and herself (obviously), you will know what I am referring to.

When I asked her to share space on my blog by writing more than a comment, like a post, she laughed. Am glad that became a yes because when she emailed her idea last night, I squealed in delight at the creativity and thought! And don’t forget to see that “one specific thing that stands out”, as she put it. Thank you Visha!

Boys and girls, Visha!!

                                                                        What does this letter say?

K : Reach the stars, but keep one foot on the ground too. You teach me humility in greatness.

I : Without you, people cannot express themselves. You are simple, but powerful.

S : The gentle curve, a bit like a stream, you teach us whatever starts, eventually ends

M : Standing on two strong feet, you are able to hold onto the anything which is put onto you.

T : Providing shade to one and all, balancing everything perfectly.

O : All consuming, all encompassing. The race of life is endless.

F : You bring out the child in us.Swinging from the top branch to the bottom. Life is to be played.

E : Your three stepping lines teach us that one can start anew even if he falls again and again.

B : Two cases within you, say its best to keep some stuff public and some private.

A : The ups and downs of life can be easily looked in you. You carry both, high and low – ever connected.

R : Childhood is closed and protected, what you learn will help you see through the different curves later on.