I have moved to..


Hello peeps,

I wanted to run and get a breath of air before typing here. It is ridden with such happy times – I will always have that with me. Yet, it will always be a riddle why I stopped making time for doing something I so loved – I had made so many friends here and even though some of us kept in touch for a bit, we have drifted apart with time. I cannot tell you how weird it makes me feel even though I am responsible for it. Maybe, it is because I am responsible for it. But I still hope I have not lost you all. It is with this hope that I share my new blog handle. I shall continue to write but I feel a need to start a new space. I, like most of us, have new opinions, newer thoughts to share. I may still repost some of the writings from this blog there but I feel like moving and starting afresh. I hope you will join me whenever you can and keep this blogosphere a familiar place like you always have. Until then,




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