And some more reading.

Restoring Grace ( by Katie Fforde)

This is the first book I read by Katie Fforde after I picked it up from the local library. Being chick-lit (can I call it that?) it was something very very different from what I normally read.

Restoring Grace

The story revolves around Grace Soudners and Ellie Summers, both of whom discover a new friendship pretty much by chance and out of dire need for a friend. While Grace is broke and needs a lodger, Ellie who is pregnant from an ex-boyfriend, moves in with her. When the curtains fall down, Grace and Ellie discover some valuable paintings that can help Grace. But ofcourse, there are a lot of other people and issues that threaten this from happening.

That’s it. It is all about their life. But the problem doesn’t lie there. Inspite of having read it and enjoyed a few parts, I felt frustrated and angry at the protagonist. Grace comes across as someone who makes one mistake after another and is such a doormat, repeatedly allowing people to walk over and trample her. While I think it does happen in real life, sometimes too much of it can take away the inspiration and joy that you find in a book.

The plot is slow and though it could have turned out to be something much better, it simply doesn’t. Not even after giving it a 100 pages.

Did not work for me.

A bride for Tom ( by Ruth Ann Nordin)

I picked this one up on my Kindle(for a super duper low price) after I finished reading “The Shadow of the Wind”.  After that wonderful read, I wanted something light, really light. “A bride for Tom” is just that – super light and you will finish it even before you begin.

A bride for Tom

Tom Larson is having a difficult phase finding a wife thanks to his “clumsiness”. Enter Jessica Reynolds, engaged to Peter, who wishes to set this right by helping Tom overcome his clumsiness. What follows is very predictable but I read it for the sheer simplicity of the language and fun. There is nothing new you will learn here or be inspired by,  but you still get entertained. Quaint, no evil and you still turn pages thinking of something exciting to happen though you secretly know the story already. You know what I mean?

But the language used in quite a few places does not sync with the era in which the story is set. That left me feeling a bit “Erm?!” at places.

The sequel to this is “A husband for Margaret” – something that is touted to be better by some readers. I will be reading that sometime soon as well.  A light read during journeys and nothing fancy.

What have you all been reading, you wonderful folks?

Oh, happy week to you all! 🙂


  1. The Girl Next Door · September 30, 2013

    A Bride For Tom sounds like fun. I have added it to my wishlist. 🙂 I know exactly what you mean – predictable story, but so well narrated and simple that you want to read it. It is not annoying, but soothing. Sometimes, you need such books in between ‘heavy’ ones.

    Pity you didn’t like the other book. I read one book by Katie Fforde called Love Letters and didn’t like it, too.

    What am I reading at the moment? Salmon Fishing In The Yemen by Paul Torday (a very different sort of book), Ex Libris (a collection of essays by an avid reader), and Goodbye Jimmy Choo (chicklist – just because I needed a healthy dose of that!)

    • kismitoffeebar · September 30, 2013


      Salmon fishing in the Yemen – I watched the movie and agree that it is different but nice in a way too. Hope you enjoy it!

      The other two are new to me. I will wait to hear about it in your blog 🙂

      • The Girl Next Door · September 30, 2013

        I didn’t know Salmon Fishing In The Yemen had been made into a movie! What a delight it would have been to watch – I’m sure. 🙂 I have been thinking, while reading the book, how difficult it would be to make this into a movie, and someone has gone and done just that!

      • kismitoffeebar · September 30, 2013


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