Day 21: Slow



Remember the process of Batik painting that I shared earlier from Kuantan in Malaysia? This one from Seminyak in Bali was different in several ways. They used little moulds and removing the dried wax and then painting it and subjecting it to the other processes was a slow process. But one at the exhibit, it was really worth all that effort.

I can’t get enough of art and artisans. Honestly, I wish I could intern here and just spend a week or two carving, painting and humming away. Come to think of it, I probably can if I try. Hmmmm.


  1. greenboochi · August 21, 2013

    Tell you what.. we both should attend it together!! I have truck loads of patience only with arts and paints. I can sit for hours together complaining about nothing if I have pencils, paints, brushes and papers infront of me. I would so love to learn a new art.

    This painting in the pic looks so intricate, no wonder the artist is so very talented!

    • kismitoffeebar · August 21, 2013

      GB, we should do it somehow! I will shoot you an email, okay? I have some feasible options that may not be the same but still! There were quite a few and they are immensely talented – such a pity that they don’t concur – for them it is a way of life and hence, they paint and create under pressure at times…..

  2. The Girl Next Door · August 22, 2013

    That sure looks very interesting! I would love to see the process of batik in person someday.

    You should visit Auroville when you are in Pondicherry. It is an arts-and-crafts village that I bet you’ll love.

  3. Arch · August 22, 2013

    Sounds like a great idea.. The intern thing!

  4. Visha · September 4, 2013

    So much patience is needed no….now the first thing that comes to my mind is, wont the lady hurt her back 😐

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