Seven patients

The big news first. I got my Amazon Kindle from K. And what a beauty she has turned out to be! All of you Kindle fans out there, Hi-10!

kindle  kindle2

I wanted to try the free books first. There aren’t a lot of great ones free. Obviously, actually. There maybe a rare gem but you know what I mean. So, the first one was 7 patients. I thought it was a medical thriller of sorts and so promptly downloaded it.

7 patients

Written by Atul Kumar, this book is about a 3rd year medical student on rotations in a University hospital in the US. Moving from ICU to ER and so on, Raj Mok’s life and perceptions of medicine are changed by 7 patients he encounters.

Each of the chapters throw light on how a doctor’s charts maybe anything but the truth. Challenging decisions, lessons learned, the team and mentorship go a long way in facilitating a medical student to form his own construct of what kind of doctor he/she should be. And this, is by no means easy. I personally related to the “detachment” any healthcare professional must develop if he were to be objective in his treatment.

There is also the topic of euthanasia being discussed from the perspective of a third year student. Colostomy for prostitution, the deadly mistake of not wearing gloves when handling patients, the lethal TEN, a face in the process of being eaten by maggots – definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. But then, which book is?

The language is  okay. I found some word errors and editing errors in my Kindle version. I sure hope, they have rectified it in their prints atleast. Also, I did read that the questioning procedure by the detective in one of the cases is not how it is legally done in the US.  The first patient’s story was a bit disappointing in the way one of the characters (the detective) uses coarse language but then that’s the character. Probably, better research into the workings of legal systems and medical systems  and better use of language would have helped take this book a notch higher.

Some patients’ descriptions are gory to say the least but then, nothing is surprising in medicine. I enjoyed reading this one because I could relate to some of the dilemnas I faced as a student myself when pursuing internships in hospitals. The life of a student on rotation is a mixed bag – there is a whole lot to learn if you are keen and at the same time, it is a little overwhelming because you get close to acute care in a way you never thought you would. You get attached to patients and it is hard to say bye though the first thing you wish for them is to get out of the hospital ASAP. The paediatric wards are something else totally. Medicine training really is all about what you make of it.

Definitely not  ” The House of God“. But, passable and sometimes a page-turner, especially if you like medicine.


  1. Jas · April 10, 2013

    Ah! so the medicine link prompted you ofcourse 🙂

    • kismitoffeebar · April 10, 2013

      hehe yeah 😛 Hard to not pick a book that says patients 😛

      It is good read in many ways though 🙂 Thank you Jas!

  2. Jas · April 10, 2013

    and hey congrats for the Kindle… 🙂

  3. Destination Infinity · April 10, 2013

    I would love to get the Kindle on my hands one day. The issue with tablets is, the LCD screens in them are based on back-light screen technology. Hence, our eyes might feel strain if we read for a long time. But the ‘eInk’ screen on Kindle is reflective screen technology. Reading from the Kindle is just like reading from books and hence it doesn’t affect our eyes (much) even if we read for a long time.

    Do you have the 7″ model? Isn’t it too small? Does it have a light for reading in darkness? The only issue with Kindle is, it’s a black and white screen. Color eInk is not used widely, yet. Also, you could track some free books sites on the net which list free books that are made available only on particular days (promotion). These books are generally good. But, also make it a point to read reviews on the amazon site before buying/downloading any eBook.

    Destination Infinity

    • kismitoffeebar · April 10, 2013

      Absolutely right on! The reason why I got a Kindle though I have an iPad and Galaxy tab. The experience is very very different! Hope you get a Kindle soon 🙂

      • kismitoffeebar · April 10, 2013

        Oh Di ! I never saw the full comment somehow. I have the latest papersoft and is of a perfect size 🙂 It doesnt need a light – I can set its intensity manually.
        To be honest, I like it black and white – more like a book, right? (though it can never be a book ofcourse)
        Thanks for the suggestions. I will do that 🙂

  4. The Girl Next Door · April 10, 2013

    Congratulations on the Kindle! 🙂 Will we be getting to read a lot more book reviews here now?

    The book does sound very interesting, though I am not sure if it is my cup of tea. I have never read a medical book before – I mean a book with a medical connection, even remotely. Pity it was not researched and edited better.

    • kismitoffeebar · April 10, 2013

      Hehe. My rate of reading and writing reviews is a universe apart. Yesterday, I was listing the books I have read and I was like! Oh God! I need to share so much! 🙂 So, yes, hopefully I will be better with writing my experiences with a book more often.

      Hmmmm. Maybe someday if you get a Kindle, you’d probably want to give it a shot! 🙂 One of the first books that pops up in the free section, this one!

  5. onehonestwriter · April 10, 2013

    Keep sharing free books you get 😉 I wouldn’t mind giving them a shot in the kindle I downloaded in my iPad. Somehow I don’t like reading medical books, btw what is your connection with medicine like Jas mentioned above? And congratulations on becoming a proud owner of yet another addictive device.

    • kismitoffeebar · April 10, 2013

      Ah, okays !
      I belong to the profession and that’s the connection. Kindle is addictive alright. Thank you! 🙂

      • onehonestwriter · April 10, 2013

        You are a doctor? Or in some other way! I never knew this.

      • kismitoffeebar · April 10, 2013

        Yes. I specialize in rehabilitation of persons with disabilities and communication disorders and practising in Singapore.

      • onehonestwriter · April 12, 2013

        That’s sounds like one wonderful profession :).

      • kismitoffeebar · April 12, 2013


  6. ashreyamom · April 10, 2013

    hey super.. congrats.. i am scared of words like medicine, injection blood etc etc.. some how after bunty is born, i am getting used to them.. may be after a while will accept them with a smile too 😛

    • kismitoffeebar · April 10, 2013

      hehehehe then in that case, do try the book 😛 Or any medical books. 🙂

  7. Visha · April 10, 2013 more bites the dust 😛
    Will I be the last one standing without a Kindle 🙄 :mrgreen:
    Having taken to reading off late to unwind after long days at work, I am rediscovering the joy of collecting bookmarks 🙂
    I read a medical book long, long ago, think it was by Chrichton.

    • kismitoffeebar · April 10, 2013

      Bookmarks – awesome 🙂 And no, don’t worry. I still ofcourse take books (but in crowded trains, packed journeys, it is a great boon and comes closest to a book when compared to tablets and phones). Nothing can beat books and one cannot emphasize that enough. But more than anything, I need to find a way to read hen I can’t always carry books – if Kindle can give me that, then why not?
      Bookmarks – remind me to tell you something later, okay?

      Yea, Michael Crichton is a good sci-fi writer, Some spends chills down your spine as well 😛

  8. KP · April 10, 2013

    That was a candid review.But you have a knack of making everybook you read sound interesting despite your pointing out the flaws!!

    • kismitoffeebar · April 10, 2013

      Thank you KP. You are extremely kind and your comments make me feel so good 🙂 I just write my experience. Am happy to hear such nice things 🙂

  9. Naik Roohani · April 11, 2013

    I wanted to buy a Kindle from long time.

    • kismitoffeebar · April 11, 2013

      Welcome here Naik Roohani! 🙂

      Oh yes! It is a great gift to yourself. Go ahead, get one 🙂

  10. Amit · April 14, 2013

    Congratulations on the Kindle! I don’t know why but I can’t read e-books. I lose interest after a while.

    • kismitoffeebar · April 14, 2013

      Thanks Amit! 🙂 Hmm. If I may say so, e-books on the computer and a Kindle are pretty different for me. I can read e-books however though not very frequently 🙂

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