Reporting live from Kuala Lumpur – 2

I can’t begin to say how awesome this morning was. After bugging K and sleeping off at around 3:30 A.M., I had this inkling that I may still get a sound sleep. And why not? I am on vacation!

Sleep soundly I did. But, I amazed myself by waking up at 6:00 in the morning. I struggle to wake up at 9 on saturdays. I love my sleep. And I have a partner who lives by the same motto. Atleast on weekend mornings. But I woke up at 6:00 A.M.! I was so shocked that I tried to pat myself to sleep so that I don’t “not-sleep”, you know! Alas! The harder you try to get something, the more elusive it becomes.

I pushed the curtains aside to see how KL looks in the morning. I saw some guests by the pool. I felt really envious that they could step out into the cold waters in the wee hours. The city looked so beautiful. So hazy, yet beautiful. I couldn’t see beyond a certain point because buildings seem to grow like coconut trees, just a broader version. I loved the haze that formed when I breathed on the glass. I spent some time writing words, letters and quotes on it.

And then I got back to bed. I looked towards my side. K was sleeping like a baby. The evil person that I am, I couldn’t let him sleep. So lets just say I put the peacock feather, water bottle, T.V. remote, aircon remote, pencil and paper to good use. K pleaded me to go away and promised extra shopping in return. Well, if he insisted on extra shopping, how could I say no? So, I just let him be and went to brush and get fresh.

I must at this point write that the first thought I woke up with, was breakfast. I was getting curious-er and curious-er about what would be served for breakfast. We had been told that breakfast was served until 10:30 A.M. And it was already 7:45 A.M. So, I shook K, sat on him and threatened him (Yes, I agree with you. He is indeed very lucky to me as his wifey.) Anyway, he got up. He asked me to do sit-ups and promise to fetch him everything for a week (like T.V. remote that lies 5 cm aay from him, water bottle that lies 7.5 cm away from him coz’ he is the epitome of laziness). I gave in and thankfully, we were all set by 8:30 A.M. or so.

I wanted to take snaps of the breakfast but it being the first day, I was a bit shy. I haven’t seen anyone taking snaps of breakfast so far. And somehow to carry the DSLR all the way down because K’s phone was out for service, didn’t seem very appealing. I mean, I wanted to enjoy the spread.

The breakfast was amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing!!!!!!!!!!! I could smell it as soon as we got out of the elevator. It is easily one of the best spreads I have had. I loved it because they were sweet enough to have vegetarian counterparts of Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Malay dishes wherever possible. I loved it! I want to write down as much as I remember from today’s platter:

1. Waffles ( These are the best waffles I have had, like the bestest!) – I’d go to Hilton just for this. Served with vanilla syrup/strawberry sauce/blueberries/soaked peaches/ soaked apples. I had two of them. And beat this! They were made hot hot right in front of you by an extremely cute staff. Ofcourse, K loved them – the waffles served by the cute lady, both, in the reverse order.

2. Bread (all the varieties you can imagine)/biscotti/ buns (wholemeal/white/raisin/fruit) – Yummy but why on earth would I eat so much bread when there was such a big spread?

3. Butter – flavoured and the usual salted/non-salted. I loved the herb and garlic.

4. Awesome omelette – I was on a self-imposed egg ban until the last time we vacationed. This time, I wasn’t and so you should have seen me gushing and giggling as the egg gurgled on the tava. The omelette-man (who was super cute!) even gave me extra cheese. Not cheesy!

5. Baked beans – I always eat this. No idea why, but I love baked bean s for breakfast.

6. Stir fried veggies – Brocolli, cauliflower, carrots, zucchini and cucumber. Simple and classy!

7. Aloo masala – Aloo and masala – how can anything go wrong?

8. Pooris – the kaDak types and I loved them!

9. Idiyappams – I know, right? I had a couple of these as well.

10. Chutney (4 types – mango, tomato, coconut and corriander), sauces and all!

11. Fried rice – I did not have this.

12. Fried bee hoon – I did not have this either.

13. Hashbrowns – crispy, golden, perfectly potato, crunchy on the crust hashbrowns. I can’t wait to eat them tmorrow again.

14. Sushi – many varieties. I had the one with raw mango (a modification I guess) – yummmm!

15. Fresh garden veggie salad – Maybe tomorrow?

16. Fresh fruits – honeydew, pineapple, watermelon, apple, pear – Loooove!

17. Yoghurt in uncountable flavours – plain to blueberry to mixed fruit to what not! Blueberry was awesome.

18. Any type of drink – yo ucan order lattes or capuccino or anything! I settled for the usual coffee because I get a big kick by mixing my milk and adding sugar and making it the way I want. K loved his latte though!

19. I can’t even count the sausages and all the other non-vegetarian dishes. I want to ask K to help me write them tomorrow here. But there were a looooooooot of non-vegetarian dishes.

20. Nasi lemak – the Malay coconut-flavoured rice usually eaten with chicken. I did not try the rice either but I plan to tomorrow.

21. Cakes – cup-cakes, fruit cake slices, plain cake – phew! I couldn’t eat them – I was so full 🙂

22. Muffins – chocolate and blueberry. I didn’t spot vanilla and banana though.

23. Fresh fruiot juices – there was this juice corner and they would make any combination of juice for you. I wanted to try banana-pineapple for the fun of it but settled for green and red apple. I must say, the tanginess of green and the sweetness of red was a fabulous punch!

24. Porridge, corn-flakes, choco-flakes, honey-stars etc – I usaully have honey-stars but somehow did not today.

I think there is some hockey event going on here. I saw tall women in hockey outfits representing Australia here. They were all present for breakfast and we were right next to them. Some of them grabbed an apple and discussed the game. Some of them were discussing recipes for baking. I don’t know how to express this, but I loved the fact that inspite of all that diversity, the uniform united them. It was a joy to see them all lift their hockey sticks and walk out together as a bunch, a team. Little acts like them tying a ponytail high up or discuss how one player’s uniform is too short (in a naughty way!) – I find all that so endearing and motivating! I really had to stop myself from going and sitting at their table.

By the time we finished our breakfast, we felt like loosening our belts. I tell you, the secret to a great day is in the breakfast. We felt so good that we headed to our room and slept for an hour. We usually do this and it is so satisfying.

We woke up so fresh. Suddenly K ran to the shower and said “Mine!”. I was flabbergasted. Here I was secretly plotting a 2 hour sojourn in the lovely bathtub and K just jumps in and books the place. Needless to say, we fought. We tossed a 50 c coin. Nothing went in my favour. K got it. I sulked. I called the “magic” number (that’s what they call room service) and asked if we could rent a DVD. They sent a DVD list but we had watched most of them! And the others were in other languages we did not follow. Not knowing whether to feel happy or sad, I started browsing local sight seeing.  

All this while, K was cooing and gooing and praising how the temperature of the water is just so perfect and how he feels sorry for the other person in the room and all that.

I knew how I could take badla and all! Firstly, I booked the bathroom. And then, I chose to go to Petaling Street, Chinatown and Berjaya Times Square as sightseeing for the day. These were both the kind of places you’d go for shopping and make-hubby-wait while you choose a bag, put it back, tour the entire street and come pick the same bag –  kind of trips. Hah!

K was now shouting that his fingers are all wrinkly and it is probably time to come out. 1.5 hours. And they say that girls take forever.

Finally, the king came out of the bathtub. He declared this to be one of his best baths. History repeated itself and we were finally set to leave.

It was around 2:30 P.M. or so when we left for Berjaya Times square. All that bath made us hungry (inspite of the heavy breakfast) and we went to Nandos. You know they love chicken when you are greeted by this!

Seven days without peri peri makes one weak!

Protect the earth, it is the only planet with chickens.

When the going gets tough, the tough gets more peri peri chicken.

I was glad that there was pita-wrap on the vegetarian side. I was glad because there was something vegetarian other than boiled corn and french fries.

They have different types of peri-peri sauce ranging between mild-very hot. I chose hot (grade 3/4) and actually liked it! It was pita stuffed with grilled veggies and peri peri sauce. I had corn on the cob for sides and loved it! t was light and perfect.

And K ordered this!

It was a medium portion – grilled veggies and some chicken. But he did not complain. He was hungry and so enjoyed it. At this point I must share that he ate a bit of my corn as well.

When anyone leaves, all the waiters will shout out a “Bye bye! See you at Peri-Peri sooon!”. Gosh! I was so blushing when they shouted so loud. We shouted back as well. It felt good.

We roamed around trying to locate a bookstore I wanted to go to but never could find it. No stationery shops either. I just bought from coin pouches made of batik as souvenirs in bright colours.

(Sorry for the image quality. Just to give you an idea)

And I bought those Afghan pants where the waist has lot of sequins in bright colours. Oh, they so comfy and trendy at the same time!

By the time we roamed about the place it was like 5:00 P.M. we spotted a donut place and bought 6 donuts and went back to Hilton. Now, who can keep a box of donuts and not open them? So we opened ours.


See those beauties! The one without the hole – looks can be deceptive. It is filled with strawberry jam and with the first bite, the juices were oozing out. K chose it and I had no idea it would turn out so good. so we have strawberry filled donut, almond topped on vanilla cream donuts, nutty donut (with cashe and roasted peanut pieces strewn over) and gool ol’ plain sugar donut. We finished 4/6 already today!

There is something I have come to realize about myself. I enjoy plain things a lot. Like, I love plain donuts. I love plain bread toast. I love plain coffee. I love plain eggs. This does not mean I do not enjoy accessories and garnish. I very much do. But I find a charm in plain things – eatables, garments, home decor, footwear etc. And I feel K also concurs to a major extent. He loves plain dal, plain rotis 😛 On second thought, I don’t think I must call them plain. I am probably referring to the the original form. The form that is untouched. Metaphorically, I’d liek to think it probably is symbolic of something pristine. Simple and elegant.

Or maybe I am thinking too much into it. I do enjoy waffles with hundred sauces on them. Approximately, I mean.

We rested a bit, watched some news and set out to Petaling street in the night. This is more of a street shopping place. I was just hoping for a book street or so but didn’t find any. There are streets filled with all brands under the sun – bags, perfumes, cosmetics, shoes! We did not buy anything. We just roamed around, took in the smell of the chestnuts, watched the lady make satay, the myriad colours of various drinks, the lanterns, the traditional outfits, the batik handloom, the happiness on the salesman’s face when he strikes a good deal, the happy customers who were carrying like 5-6 big bags of purchases and the elderly men who sat with their children at street corners.

We checked out a happening DVD shop where they had all soaps and complete series. They usually have a small outlet and give you a catalogue. Once you choose what you want, they go to the secret godown and get the DVDs for you. We saw a few tourists there as well. we did not buy anything. But it was a fun trip. They even advertise for the soaps. Like one guy comes to me and tells me, “Ma’m. Gossip girls very nice. We have all seasons.” I just smiled and said “Oh nice.. sorry, no thanks. I’ll just look around.”  But he was quite insistent and showed one of the character’s poster also. I don’t know why but I think I will never forget such little incidents.

K and I spoke to the guys there. Some were from Bangladesh and they said that they work elsewhere in the morning and work here at night. “So, when do you sleep?”, we asked. “In between sometimes”, they said. We were amazed.

We returned to the hotel. It was amost 10:00 P.M. That meant we had an hour before the pool closed. We left for the pool and had an amazing time! K taught me to swim (with my feet on the ground coz’ the water is like 1.2 mts deep) and we watched the little kids do all kinds of stunts while I flapped my hands and acted like a sea-horse with funny movements.

I write this while we await our dinner to arrive. It is midnight and I can’t wait to eat. Water makes me hungry. Talking of hunger, I wonder what is on for breakfast tomorrow. I hear the bell. I better stop typing now. Else, I risk losing my onion rings.



  1. Destination Infinity · October 18, 2012

    I am sure you are going to gain min. 5 Kgs weight. Plan to eat less, at least for tomorrow. Every good thing has its limitation, and its obvious with such awesome food. But I should agree that had I been in your situation, I would have eaten as much. No, I would have eaten slightly less. No, very less. LOL 🙂

    Destination Infinity

    • kismitoffeebar · October 18, 2012

      hehehehe! I am back from KL. By God’s Grace, I have retained my weight 😛 so far!
      This was written every night during our stay a few days ago. I am posting it now 😛
      I have a voracious appetite and people wonder if a demon resides inside 😛

  2. Jas · October 18, 2012

    Breakfast is soo sooooo mouthwatering… did you try everything?
    The batik pouch is also very cute.

    • kismitoffeebar · October 20, 2012

      Yeah it was awesome Jas 🙂 I tried the ones I mentioned. Thanks 🙂

  3. ashreyamom · October 18, 2012

    so i did a wrong thing opeing this post just before lunch.. after reading all this, i am feeling bad to open my box and see same old brinjal and rasam.. if i had seen the pics, then i would just filled my stomach looking at it i think.. 🙂
    yes, water makes us really hungry.. nice coin purse.. same as Patti’s surku pai.. :D..

    • kismitoffeebar · October 20, 2012

      Rasam and brinjal sound exotic 🙂 homemade, that too ! Hehe yeah like paatis purse 🙂 thanks for dropping by AM:)

  4. greenboochi · October 18, 2012

    Can this holiday get any better??!?! – was my thought reading through this post.. FYI.. I am still drooling at that vast breakfast spread 😀

    You know Kismi… again and again I should say – your travelogues are so so so good. I can see all those words dancing in my head, making me imagine everything you write and I automatically smile reading through your travelogues. I only feel sad, when I come to the end of the post.. hehe probably I should not complain as I know I will read part 3 soon 😀

    I too can never see S sleeping peacefully next to me, once I have gotten up ( 👿 ) But K is really cute.. he promised you extra shopping so that you would let him sleep? ha ha 😀 S tries to talk something, I only fail to understand.. so.. I almost sit on him and make sure he gets up the moment I am awake 😀

    I have seen Nandos Peri Peri in B’lore too. We never go there as we had the notion that they serve only chicken (at this point of time, I must say S’s eyes would brighten up when he hears the word chicken 😛 )

    That pouch looks so cute!! 🙂

    I am glad, you and K have similar taste preferences. I and S are like north and south poles in this regard 😀

    Those doughnuts are super yummy!!! 🙂 And you went into the pool after 10? I am sure you had super fun! 🙂 🙂

    Eagerly waiting for the next part 🙂 And my legs are itching to go on another vacation soon!! 😀

    • kismitoffeebar · October 20, 2012

      Thanks so much gbieeeee 🙂 Loved reading your comment.I always love reading your experiences. We do outdo ourselves in similarities, sigh ! Hehe.
      Oh do try nandos. They have like two or three veggie items in Malaysia and I hope they have more in India. Worth a try when you are super hungry, it may not seem bad then 😉
      Hehehehe, next part will be up soon dearie. Oh and do plan a vacation soon soon. Actually don’t plan too much. Just do it off 🙂

  5. Privy Trifles · October 18, 2012

    Wow Toffee…this surely seems like a dream holiday that you have had….the loooooooonnnnnng list of breakfast is surely tempting and mouthwatering 🙂

    • kismitoffeebar · October 20, 2012

      Thanks dear privy 🙂 hehehehe lazed fully privy ! Hehe, yeah yeah
      Lovely breakfast. I am cravingfor those waffles now 😉

  6. The Girl Next Door · October 18, 2012

    Some comments:

    1. I am so so so J. I want such a lovely relaxing holiday NOW!!
    2. The breakfast spread sounds so lovely! So many varieties! I would have gone mad trying to decide what to eat and what not to. You should have taken pics – so what if no one else takes them?
    3. The pouch is super cute.
    4. I have seen Nandos here in Bangalore, but have never gone inside because I thought most of their stuff is non-veg. Your description makes me want to try it out sometime.
    5. I LOVE the sound of raisin bread. Really, seriously, LOVE. I so want to try out some! I have never had any ever. 😦
    6. That reminds me, I have never really had proper doughnuts. Poor me. 😦 I should remedy this soon.
    7. Long hot baths in bath-tubs are the best part of vacationing in posh hotels for both of us. We love doing that, too.
    8. You guys and your fights are so cute! God bless!
    9. I have to wake the OH too, if I see him sleeping beside me and I am not able to go back to sleep. Yes, I am evil that way! 😀
    10. I am drooling.. drooling… drooling. And I am supposed to be on a diet. 😦 If I hog, thanks to this post, and put on weight, I know whom to blame.
    11. I LOVED this part of the travelogue.. really loved it.. loved reading about the small details of your holiday. Eagerly waiting to read the rest of it.

    • greenboochi · October 19, 2012

      TNGD…. I am so with you on 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10 and other points too 😀 😀 😀

    • kismitoffeebar · October 20, 2012

      LOVED your comments ! 🙂 thanks TGND. I know I was really foolish to have not clicked. To be honest, I was also a bit slack. Silly me. Infect visha had specifically reminded me. Sigh.
      I love those long hot baths with extra bubbles and foam 😉 I hope you are well ( diet). Pls pls try donuts soon. And nandos has a couple of veggie dishes in Malaysia. I am hoping they have more in India. Worth a try. Raisin bread is yummy. Do try it if you can. Else, when you come here, I will make sure you do 🙂
      Thanks TGND !

  7. anisnest · October 18, 2012

    I am reading the breakfast list as I hold my old fashioned oatmeal in hand.. goshh.. now this fella is refusing to go beyond the throat.. 😦
    a grand spread that was and it reminded of the breakfasts we enjoyed during our trips.. Its a such a nice feel when you wake up to realize that a nice spread of breakfast is ready to gobble..

    hope you got your share of fries and enjoy the breakfast tomorrow.. have more fun..

    • kismitoffeebar · October 20, 2012

      Hehehehehe loved the way you put it ! Yea exactly. It is a lovely feeling to wake up to such a big spread. Hehe, yea I got my onion rings alright 😉

  8. Bikramjit Singh Mann · October 18, 2012

    oh boy that is lovely.. making me jealous with all tat now .. its been ages since i have ahad a proper relaxing holiday..

    now u left me hungry and very jealous 🙂


    • kismitoffeebar · October 20, 2012

      Aap jaldi ek trip plan kijiye fataafat. The more we plan, the more the delay. Just pack your backs and have a great holiday Bikram 🙂
      That should solve the hunger and jealousy 🙂 easy peasy !

  9. Amit · October 19, 2012

    I almost fainted when I read the breakfast menu. Way too much food there. 🙂
    These days are beautiful. Cherish them. When I think about all such times, I feel sad that they will never come back.

    • kismitoffeebar · October 20, 2012

      Hehehehe yeah. Thanks so much Amit 🙂 I guess the kind of fun changes with time. Different fun but fun nonetheless 🙂

  10. Visha · October 19, 2012

    I am never never ever forgive you for not taking the pics of the breakfast spread, I particularly asked you to, remember? 👿

    On other note, wondering where does all the extra food go in such big hotels? Surely, the guests cannot wipe off the whole menu :mrgreen:

    • kismitoffeebar · October 20, 2012

      Guilty as charged. I did not forget this time visha, though ! Got a bit shy and then slack and then wanted to be all free when having breakfast. I did not try at all. 😦 sorry,but next time surely, by God’s Grace!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Yeah, no idea. Maybe they shift it to the team dining room. Or dispose it ? I am sure bread and other such can be saved for the next day. And waffles etc ate made fresh, they usually keep replacing now and then. So they exert some control that way as well ?

    • Phatichar · October 30, 2012

      With guests like these two, it sure could vanish… 😛

      • Visha · October 30, 2012

        😆 😆 😆

  11. Roshni · October 22, 2012

    wow!! That is some experience! Usually, when we go on a vacation, we end up running around madly all over the place and need a vacation after our vacation!! That breakfast sounds amazing…what a lot of varieties of food! And, I too love plain or original things!!!

    • kismitoffeebar · October 22, 2012

      Yea, we do that as well, but this time we were clear about the sleeping 😛
      Yea, bfast was awesome! 🙂 Same pinch! 🙂

  12. Arch · October 24, 2012

    What a lovely spread for breakfast! I absolutely love hotel breakfasts, for this reason. Oh, I have always wanted those afghan pants. What do you pair them with?

    Sorry for commenting late, toffee.

    • kismitoffeebar · October 24, 2012

      Oh you have a killer gravatar ! 🙂 I love hotel breakfasts for the same same reason. I want those waffles now !
      Afghan pants – So far I have worn them with tank tops or with these Buffy silk tops or fitted blouses. The pants are Baggy and full, so you may want to choose a fitting top 🙂 and yet, ultimately, you are the queen ! But I strongly reco buying them. I wish I could go to work in them sometimes 😉
      And don’t you be sorry. Sigh. Thanks for coming by arch 🙂

  13. Nithvin · October 24, 2012

    All that description about food has left me so hungry..I know I am late here*sigh* Please don’t mind, ok..
    Loved the idea of taking a nap after cool!

    • kismitoffeebar · October 24, 2012

      Thanks so much Nithvin 🙂 I am so glad you came by dear!
      Yeah,we always take a nap. Tee hee!

  14. MomWithaDot · October 27, 2012

    Every pic. is totally drool worthy !! Loved the potli 🙂 The list of food items is sheer gastronome delight 😀 !! Glad you had a wonderful trip. The not so fun part – unpacking, Right ?

    • kismitoffeebar · October 28, 2012

      Hey Momwithadot! 🙂 Welcoooooooooome! 🙂

      Awesome menu no? Oh, sigh, yes unpacking can be a spoiler. I make it interesting by shopping and then enjoying putting them in my wardrobe or table and so on 😛 I know, I am wicked!

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