Visiting Hogwarts

I know, right?! But I did that last thursday. Do I smell something burning?

Alright you guys, I visited the museum. So what? It was the HARRY POTTER Museum! Whee hee!

K and I were at Marina Bay Sands last Thursday evening soaking in the Hogwarts experience. K got 2 free passes – It is instances such as these that reinforce my choice of the perfect groom. The lucky chap gets passes to the best musicals and museums in Singapore. And we never forget to be thankful.

So, Harry Potter (HP) has been here for a while now. Though K and his boss have already been to HP (yea right! K WITHOUT his wife and the Boss without the wife and kids), K was eager to take me along, for HP is among my top 10 loves. Top 10 coz’ nobody can beat Asterix & Obelix or Tintin and definitely not Calvin & Hobbes. Ah well, that has to be another post.

So the exhibit was at Marina Bay Sands Art and Science Museum and we went in around 5:00 P.M. on 6th Sept (I have this obsessive compulsive disorder to write dates when I write the time)

At the entrance we saw Arthur Weasley’s car, the flying Ford Anglia and oh what joy it gave me!

I actually chopped myself off from the below photo – too many people around me for comfort!

So cool, right? There is something about Arthur Weasley that I love.  I couldn’t help remembering this conversation that transpires between the Weasleys that I referred from here. Forgive me for all the mush – But I love Arthur! 🙂 He is so so charming!

Molly Weasley: *Your* sons flew that enchanted car of yours to Surrey and back last night.
Arthur Weasley: [to the boys] Did you really? How did it go?
[after Molly hits him]
Arthur Weasley: I mean, that was very wrong indeed, boys. Very wrong of you.

The shutterbug that I am, many photos ensued. Sadly, photos were allowed only till this point. Once inside, we could not click a thing. Too bad!

Trust me, this Harry Potter has NO age. I mean, I saw elderly couple – a few of them, with their grandchilren maybe but they looked so enthused!

As soon as you enter, you will see that it is a guided tour for the first one-third part. The guide  took us through a hazy entrance where the words “Harry Potter” kept flashing like a thin veil. And ofcourse, I entered back and forth and back and forth trying to figure out the rocket science behind that making, until K told me it was a projector. But all that dusty appearance – wow!

The joy of NOT understanding concepts I tell you. It is so fascinating to be ignorant – you are always in awe of events around you!

Once we entered, we found a lady dressed in Hogwarts style robes ready with the sorting hat. Yes, yes! Sorting hat!

As soon as we assembled, the lady asked for volunteers. One little girl volunteered to be sorted. Upon being asked, the girl wanted to be in Gryffindor because she felt she was daring and brave. I felt that was kinda cute. As soon as the sorting hat was placed, we heard a booming voice that repeated exactly the same little phrase that it says before placing anyone in Gryffindor. So cool, huh?

I so badly wanted to volunteer and be sorted. Ofcourse, I’d ask for Gryffindor though at times I like Slytherin. K kept edging me to volunteer but with so many kids around, I felt guilty to raise my hand and deprive someone’s chance. If you feel I am showing off my generosity, it is because I am. I really thought myself as very generous for NOT having volunteered. Who says no to wearing the sorting hat, even if it is in a museum and there are 100 eyes peering at you, looking at the adult you are and wonder?

After placing another smart guy in Slytherin (he openly declared his love for it) and a bemused kid into Hufflepuff (This chap looked like he just wanted to wear the hat and didn’t care a cent for the house. He’d have been equally happy if he was asked to leave Hogwarts as long as got to wear the sorting hat.), we went into the dining area. This area had photo frames with some photos having “people” who moved and seemed to be searching for something – that is so Hogwart-ish, right?

We saw one picture, an Opera singer who was basically a framed picture with the (recorded) character in motion (Gee! I wish I had  one word for it in my lexicon). She was trying to break the wine glass by singing at THE highest pitch. But she was not able to. So she addressed us and said  “Wait, don’t go away. I can do it.” Then she sang and just hit the glass against a table, broke it and swiftly pretended as if she achieved it using her pitch. It was hilarious!

And then, we saw all the outfits worn by the cast of Harry Potter movies at different points in time. For e.g. Casuals worn by Harry Potter in Azkaban, Ron‘s Christmas muffler etc. This section was something I found boring. I mean, it did look like they gave this quite a bit of importance but as a HP fan, I didn’t want to know a lot of what everyone wore during the movie and when.

There was a model Quidditch stadium and ofcourse the little golden Snitch ! What’s a HP museum that does not allow the visitors to play Quidditch? No flying brooms unfortunately. There were some simple loops like a tilted basket from a basketball court into which you could throw balls. K and I waited for the kids to play to their heart’s content and played our little share and came out. The ball is big and it is a differently shaped thingy. I had never imagined it to be like that – like a one side deflated ball that assumes the shape of the cupped hand that holds it. And you just need to hold onto that part and throw it into the ring. I don’t know about you but I surely had fun playing that! That people thought we were funny is another matter.

Then we went to the Souvenir shop. As can be guessed, there were those chocolate frogs and Bertie Bott’s every flavour beans, quills, ink bottles, books, notepads, wands!, wand sets, tees, posters, fridge magnets, key chains and mugs (ofcourse). But somehow, K and I were disappointed. Some of the souvenirs were from Warner Brothers, like the fridge magnets, key chains etc. But the rest looked mediocre. For the price they charge, I do wish they had better looking stuff. If the  product looks good, I’d probably go for it irrespective of the price. But a black mug with a dull Harry Potter written on it – Nah!

 I was eyeing the ink pot set and wished they were selling a sorting hat. The wands were okay and the poster too big. Not wanting to dedicate so much wall space to HP, we decided to go for a Gryffindor fridge magnet. I managed to preserve the paper bag of the souvenir and the brochures etc. So I have 4 souvenirs now – one fridge magnet, 2 brochures and the paper bag with HP print. I am a stickler for souvenirs and memorabilia!

Sorry I have no pictures of the real magnet for now but this is the design of the magnet.



It was a good trip. I liked the music played and the short movie clip in the AV section. There was also an audio tour for some extra price but we weren’t too interested.

Having said all that, I can’t hide the slight disappointment. I think this sort of disappointment is sometimes inherent in fantasies. Atleast for me, I tend to conjure up a big world and imagine the gargoyles, the death-eaters, the centaurs and everything and everyone from the series. But somehow, the museum had a big section on the “who wore what in the movies” that did not appeal to the child in me at all. Infact K and I just looked at the quidditch models and moved on. The sections with the photos and replicas were good. But definitely not enough. I wanted more! It was some weird mixed feeling – Here I was awed at how they did all that they did and on the other hand wanted more magic. Yea- that’s right. I was looking for more magic !

I am glad I had that experience – more happy than otherwise 🙂 When I finally came out of Hogwarts, I was a happy kid and clung to my little pack of magent and brochures. All that night, K threatened me with, “Please get me water from the fridge/ please get me that cream coloured pillow/ please give me the remote (that was 12 centimetres away). If you don’t, I will take away your magnet.”

Signing off with a happy photo:

Make a happy weekend folks! 🙂


  1. Privy Trifles · September 14, 2012

    Ok… I am J


    I so so so so so want to be there Toffee!!

    Harry Potter is my favourite too…. and it must be so much of fun to experience those things in real 😀

    I can truly understand your excitement….. HP does have that affect 😉

    • kismitoffeebar · September 14, 2012

      Uh oh – I am telling you, come!
      I just commented on your post – a few of my comments are missing. I don’t know why they don’t get delivered to you.
      True that – the HP effect! 🙂

      • Privy Trifles · September 14, 2012

        So sweeeet….itna pyar se mat bulao… I might just take you seriously and land up there 😀

        BTW I don’t see any of your comments even in spam 😥

      • kismitoffeebar · September 14, 2012

        Really no idea what is happening. I check sometimes to read your reply but can’t find mine. The last comment I made was on “Urban Shots” – once last week and one today.

      • kismitoffeebar · September 14, 2012

        And invite is for real 🙂 And I very much intend you to take it seriously 🙂

  2. Nithvin · September 14, 2012

    Wow! That’s something! It’s been a while since I read HP, but I can still feel the magic..
    I haven’t watched the movies, but just loved the books. Looks like you had a great time there.
    LOL at // It is instances such as these that reinforce my choice of the perfect groom//

    You didn’t volunteer for the sorting hat? maybe you should go with some kid(s) next can then volunteer on their behalf 😉

    • kismitoffeebar · September 14, 2012

      hehe I had a grand time Nithvin! 🙂 Ya maybe I should go with kids or just nto worry and raise my hand.
      I have watched only a couple of the movies. But books – every single one of them, obviously 😛
      Thanks Nithvin! 🙂

  3. Destination Infinity · September 14, 2012

    A major part of this article is like greek and latin to me. Yes, I am one of those rare person who has not watched a single HP movie and not read a single HP book. Maybe that’s a world record? Need to check with Guinness!

    Good to know that you had a lot of fun. It seems they made a theme park for angry birds in China. Check if its near 🙂

    Destination Infinity

    • kismitoffeebar · September 14, 2012

      hehe Di – I have some friends who don’t know a thing about HP. And they flaunt it off proudly! 🙂

      Angry birds – wowoie! I Definitely will check. It is not really near as such. But does it matter? 😛

  4. ashreyamom · September 14, 2012

    wow.. yes yes.. u can smell something buring right.. i am jealous of u..
    i know it must have been a really enjoyable experience right..
    i wish there were more photos.. 🙂

    • kismitoffeebar · September 14, 2012

      Hehe, thanks AM 🙂
      I did have fun this trip 🙂 Photography was not allowed and so few photos. I shared a couple because there is nothign much to share other than HP in different fonts. I wish they allowed us to click!

  5. Arch · September 14, 2012

    Toffee, you are so pretty * kindly mock blush*.
    Would you believe, I was at Marina Bay yesterday but we did not go to Harry Potter! Amma was not keen at all opted for the Sky Park! I am certainly going to this place soon.

    • kismitoffeebar · September 14, 2012

      hehe thankee Arch 🙂 *blush (the real ones coz’ I need no excuse to blush*
      Areeeeeeeee! I was there day before. Please do Arch -awesome or not, it is an experience 🙂 Did your amma enjoy Sky Park?

  6. Jas · September 14, 2012

    what a place! now I am jealous. Harry Potter is my favorite too. Me and my son go crazy about it and my hubby looks at us as if we are aliens.

    • kismitoffeebar · September 14, 2012

      :)) it is a happy place that could have been even more magical. The little hero will love it and so will you 🙂 the museum is here until sept end. A small vacation maybe?

  7. My Era · September 14, 2012

    I am not jealous of you gorgeous Kismi for I have no clue about Harry Potter (never read any of the books nor could stand any of the HP movies more than a couple of minutes) 😀 😀

    Nevertheless, I enjoyed the post and loved those shots 😀

    • kismitoffeebar · September 14, 2012

      Thankee ME 🙂
      He he – I don’t know if I would love HP as much if I had watched movies first. Someday Pari may draw you into the world of hogwarts, spells and charms :))

      • Swaram · September 15, 2012

        Exactly what ME said 😛

        Happy weekend to u too 🙂

      • kismitoffeebar · September 17, 2012

        hehe thankee Swaram! Hope yours was great too 🙂

  8. KP · September 14, 2012

    I went through the post and liked the racy style you write.

    • kismitoffeebar · September 14, 2012

      kP, so happy to see you here after a while. Hope all is well with you. Thank you so much :))

  9. Visha · September 14, 2012

    Now that you have explained about what they have in stock, I am not at all jealous 😛

    Wow, you look pretty Toffee 🙂

    By any chance, does your hand hold the Marauders Map 😯 Please scan and send it to me if thats true 😀

    • kismitoffeebar · September 14, 2012

      Thanks dearie 🙂 no no, that’s the package. We saw the huge marauders map in the museum though. No photos allowed. I will share the cover n you can print on brown paper :))

  10. Titaxy · September 14, 2012

    WOW WOW WOW. I want to go there!!!!!!!!!!!

    • kismitoffeebar · September 14, 2012

      He he he he. Maybe you can check where the museum is moving to next. I would suggest a trip here this month :p

  11. The Girl Next Door · September 14, 2012

    I think I must be the only person to say that I have not read the entire HP series. I have read only one book out of the series, and I didn’t find it so very fascinating. 😦 I found Enid Blyton’s books (that I read in my childhood) to be much more fascinating, and they used to conjure up SO MANY images in my head. I used to wish I could really see all that magic, and visit with all those fantasy characters. Sadly, HP (at least the one book that I read) did not do that magic for me. 😦

    That said, I would have loved to go to this museum, just for the experience and to see magic (?) stuff. 🙂

    The souvenir shop sounds really interesting. Did they really have all-flavour beans?! :O

    • kismitoffeebar · September 14, 2012

      No TGND, you have company 🙂
      Oh, I don’t know whether I can ever compare Enid blyton to Rowling. As a child, I grew up with Blytons writings as well and can still get lost with the secret seven n famous five and the magical wishing well and enchanted tree.
      But I do love potter’s world 🙂
      Of course, they had Bertie candies in all flavors inc earwax and vomit. Sorry to gross you out 😉 but it’s true 🙂

  12. Atrocious Scribblings · September 14, 2012

    Your enthusiasm in the post just goes on to prove why the legend of Harry Potter will live on for a long long time.

    Seems like so much fun.

    • kismitoffeebar · September 14, 2012

      Thankee AS 🙂 true, that! Are you a Potter fan or am I asking the dumbest question ? 😉

  13. Srinivas Sundaram · September 14, 2012

    Sounds like a lot of fun.

    Actually, there is a Harry Potter museum here too (in Toronto) and I have been in two minds over whether I should go or not… it definitely looks more tempting after reading your post :-).

    • kismitoffeebar · September 15, 2012

      Oh pls do check it out 🙂 This one keeps moving from one country to another and is not permanently in Singapore. The Toronto one sounds good. Would love to read our experience there!

  14. Aa's Mom · September 14, 2012

    Love Harry Potter too!! Nice to see a photo of you!

    • kismitoffeebar · September 15, 2012

      Hello Aam (hehe) Thanks a lot 🙂 Yay, you are a fan too!

  15. Smita · September 15, 2012

    Not a HP fan so err no idea what to say 🙂

    Yes Happy for you & you look cute 🙂

  16. Bikramjit Singh Mann · September 16, 2012

    Na nothing burning this side , i am not a fan of harry potter 🙂

    but i would not mind visiting it , Actually I did go to castle ALWIN where harry potter movie was shot in real 🙂 wooo hooo .. so do i smell something bruning he he he he he

    • kismitoffeebar · September 17, 2012

      — smells of burnt this and that —
      Not fair that someone who is not a fan of HP gets to do all this while a fan is deprived of her right! hmmmmmf
      Now i know what to ask you when I come there 🙂

  17. Amit · September 17, 2012

    I have not read any of the HP books but I love all the movies. So, yeah, this all looks very cool. 🙂
    I would love to visit such a place. 🙂

    • kismitoffeebar · September 19, 2012

      Thankee Amit 🙂 I think you’d enjoy this one too 🙂

  18. Bubblegum · September 17, 2012

    I am NOT jealous this time!! Singapore ahoy!! 🙂

    • kismitoffeebar · September 19, 2012

      Hey Bubblegum!

      Welcome 🙂 Bubblegum and toffeebar – whee!
      oh you stay in Singapore?

  19. techie2mom · September 20, 2012

    That burning smell is me burning with jealousy….
    you went to the HP museum!!! That must have been great!!!!

    • kismitoffeebar · September 21, 2012

      It was really nice techie2mom (t2m, can I call you t2m? You will sound like some gene or chromosome 😛 )

  20. Ritika · September 21, 2012

    Wowwww, seems like an amazing place. Thank god I am not a HP fan, otherwise I would have been cursing you by now 😛

  21. sudhagee · December 25, 2012

    Hail fellow HP fan 🙂

    Thanks for the tour of the Harry Potter Museum. Loved it. During my year in London, I managed to visit some sites where the HP films were shot and it was a great experience, especially the Gloucester Cathedral as a well as a very touristy Platform 9 and 3/4th at King’s Cross Station. Bliss. Perhaps you’d like to read it ?

    • kismitoffeebar · December 26, 2012

      Ooooooooooh ! I am checking it out NOW! 🙂

      It is on my wishlist to go to King’s Cross Station 🙂

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