Scrumptious Sofra!

K and I have become such experts at dining outside ( and THAt must NOT be interpreted as my inability to cook or laziness to either 😛 ) that we seem to have (acquired ?) this uncanny ability to pick the restaurant by just looking at it from a distance. And we usually show off our finds to other friends and feel proud when they concur – to such an extent that we take it for granted that we are running those restaurants and every friend who likes it is a customer earned. It is funny at times.

K and I love to catch up with Hindi movies here and we usually frequent the Jade Cinema at Shaw Tower along Beach Road. Once it so happened that we were there too early for a movie and the only sound we could hear were the rumbling noises of our own tummies. We do sometimes stay hungry you know. I understand if you cannot believe it with all that food I share on my blog.

Well, Shaw Tower is quite a quiet place with few shops operating such as little trinkets at whimsical prices, a little store that teaches the art of serving Chinese tea, a music shop that sells classical Mandarin music CDs and DVDs, a foot reflexology spa, a small Indian beauty parlour that also features bridal make-up in bold, a small boutique that sells astronomically priced salwars and hand-worked chunnis – well, you get the drift as to how the place looks like. Oh and ofcourse, there is Starbucks. I mean, obviously. But of all the Starbucks, this has to be the really sad one. Their capuccino, latte, mocha and espresso all taste the same – hot water, coffee flavoured.

So, when K and I landed there way too early and were longing for an early dinner before we sit through the 3 hour movie, we had spotted this cozy, non-populated restaurant, tucked away at the corner of the corridor. As we peered to take a look at the name, we had both echoed together – S-O-F-R-A.

Sofra serves Turkish cuisine and by that I mean, authentic Turkish food prepared by Turks.

I have a few choices that are totally vegetarian and I am so happy that I keep ordering the same dish everytime we are there. I love their Musakka that is basically a Turkish speciality consisting of sauteed eggplant and tomato. If you are non-vegetarian you will be served musakka with minced meat but I just chose the vegetarian version. It is served with pilaf, the Turkish rice. The rice is yummy too and it is  fragrant, a bit oily and shiny and definitely tasty. It is made in a different way and we found vermicilli in our rice too.

Just look at how good that rice looks. and I love those clay pots in which they serve. It has such an authentic feel to it.

And K had Turkish baked chicken with chicken rice pilaf.  And ofcourse, he said it was good though not anything out of the world. He usually has vegetarian options with me but this time he tried chicken.

Please excuse me for the poor quality of pictures. The lighting is a bit on the dim side.

Oh and ofcourse we had the red lentil soup and Turkish tea. We did not click the red lentil soup because you can imagine the elegance with which we must have dived into it. Some other time!

Now this picture is something I have shared before as well here

The ambience of the place is really pleasant and the light is dim. We never forget to choose that corner table overlooking the Beach Road. You can hear small groups of college-goers celebrating birthdays and groups of elderly couples huddled in another corner laughing over family jokes. It is such a warm place to go to before you catch a movie, I mean, the whole experience is something we love to go over and over again on some friday evenings like a ritual.

The chefs are a bit generous with oil. I love oil, like totally can live on ghee, butter and oil at times. Since we do this once in a while, we don’t really find that to be a turn-off. It is priced at an average of 25-30 SGD per person or a bit lesser maybe.

Would we take you here if you come to Singapore? If you are game for Musakka, a generous serving of oil and come equipped with some good humour and lots of time, we have the perfect seat for you! 🙂

P.S. I know this looks like such a food place to be around but lets take that to be a happy coincidence, shall we?


  1. Destination Infinity · September 11, 2012

    I feel that how much we enjoy our food also depends on how hungry we are. The last picture was too good. I mean, I would love to taste that Turkish Tea 🙂 But I have a bias towards tea made with milk and sugar. Even dipped tea is fine, as long as there is milk.

    Destination Infinity

    • kismitoffeebar · September 11, 2012

      Oh I love milk tea bigtime 🙂 You may like the Turkish tea. For me no-milk tea is more of an acquired taste 🙂

  2. Privy Trifles · September 11, 2012

    You know toffee it is so much fun to read your posts…not for the food part of it but the warmth and love it is engulfed in 🙂


    You are actually tempting me so much that I plan to relocate to Singapore log,stock and barrel soon!!!

    • kismitoffeebar · September 11, 2012

      Thank you so much privy! Really, your words made me so so happy 🙂
      Just come off okay? And we will have a gala time! 🙂

  3. Jas · September 11, 2012

    Is this blog turn into a foodie all the way? 😀

    • kismitoffeebar · September 11, 2012

      hehe it will be foodie all the way alright! but not JUST that 🙂

      • Jas · September 11, 2012

        Then I am glad 😀

  4. My Era · September 11, 2012

    That Turkish baked chicken has stopped my brain from working. Trust me when I say that your all posts, yes all, be it food, cinema or books force me to hop over for more research on how to get hold of those things ASAP as soon as I finish reading your post.

    Love you Kismi for your way of tempting me with your superb blogs 😀

    Now am off to research the Turkish chicken recipe *racing to Google search*

    • kismitoffeebar · September 11, 2012


      I love you too!! You just know how to make me feel on-top-of-the-world really! 🙂 I am so inspired to share more 🙂
      Oh, I wish I had noted down its name. I will note it down next time. I hope you find it – and soon it gets on your food page 🙂

  5. The Girl Next Door · September 11, 2012

    Wow! Sounds like a wonderful place to eat! 🙂

    I have never had Turkish food. Sounds all exotic and new. 😀 Would love to try it out someday!
    Will you take me to this place if we come to Singapore? 😛

    I have a bias towards milky tea, too. I can’t take tea without milk. I love tea made of whole milk, with no water at all. For me, spicy, milky and sugary defines tea – very Indian masala chai-ish. 🙂

    • kismitoffeebar · September 11, 2012

      TGND !
      Ofcourse am taking you to this place 🙂 I love their food and am so taking you there! 🙂
      Milky tea is the best in my book as well 🙂 You defined the perfect tea for me as well. I love my ginger and cardamom and sugar and milk -ah bliss!

      Just plan a trip soon, okay?

  6. ashreyamom · September 11, 2012

    i liked the pic of tea.. i have not tried much of food belonging to other countries.. but the way you have written is making me want to try something or the other.. 🙂 so i can count on you when i visit Singapore.. 🙂

    • kismitoffeebar · September 11, 2012

      Hey AM !

      Welcome here 🙂 Definitely can count on me when you are here! Just hop in anytime, okay?

  7. sumitra · September 11, 2012

    Nice, now I am craving some Turkish food. 😛

    BTW, why that disclaimer in brackets, that “and THAt must NOT be interpreted as my inability to cook or laziness to either ” ??

    Dining outside frequently does not mean the lady of the house can’t cook. Most probably means the lady needs a break and the man of the house can’t cook. Or that the couple likes to try out more cuisines than either of them know how to cook. Put the guilt behind you girl!! 😀

    • kismitoffeebar · September 11, 2012

      hehehehe ya that’s so true! 🙂
      well, I added it more in jest but now that you said that all the little guilt I may have somewhere will be washed off 🙂
      Turkish food is really yummy Sumitra! i’d reco it to you 🙂

  8. Arch · September 11, 2012

    Babe, I love middle eastern food and often splurge at Arab Street. This place is close to work, and sounds too good. Lets meet over some seisha and mezze sometime, what say?

    • kismitoffeebar · September 12, 2012

      Oh, we love Arab street too though we go there once in a while! 🙂
      Lets DO it! Your plan sounds great 🙂

  9. techie2mom · September 11, 2012

    Wow, i didn’t know much about Turkish food, except for Hummus and Pita bread…
    You are taking us on new food adventures on your blog, Thanks Toffee 🙂

    • kismitoffeebar · September 12, 2012

      Oh I love hummus though I get moody with it. You are welcome Techie2mom 🙂 If you come here, then lets go on a real adventure! 🙂

  10. Dr Roshan R (@pythoroshan) · September 11, 2012

    i agree with destinationinifinity’s comment above.. the last pic gave me a hankering for tea ! And thats an interesting point – about milk tea and no milk tea. I used to be a major milk tea fan.. but recently, have shifted to the other side (signs of old age ?? gulp ! )

    • kismitoffeebar · September 12, 2012

      Hello Dr. Roshan! Welcome here 🙂
      Oh I love milk tea anyday! 🙂 I guess it is more to do with developing new tastes that’s all and you are as young as you feel!
      Happy to see you come by and pls hop over whenever you wish to!: )

  11. pixie · September 11, 2012

    nice!! 🙂
    Just seeing the pics made me hungry!! 😀

    • kismitoffeebar · September 12, 2012

      Pixie! You have ammana kai ooTa. Idella en maha? alwa 🙂

  12. bigalittleamom · September 12, 2012

    never had turkish food! Their mussaka sounds like the Hungarian moussaka…probably the same, eh?!!

    • kismitoffeebar · September 12, 2012

      Never had Hungarian mousakka! Turkish version is not layered. I know that some versions like Greek are layered. Not too sure about hungarian. Is it layered?

  13. Amit · September 12, 2012

    Now where can I find Turkish food in NCR? I need to do some research.
    The way you talked about going again and again to the same place – that reminded me of a small shop tucked away in Manchester station. Geet and I always went there and bought Mushroom and Cheese croissants before we boarded a train during our numerous trips.
    Now you made me nostalgic. 🙂

    • kismitoffeebar · September 12, 2012

      I hope you find some place that serves Turkish food soon. ah well, everyone has that special place or those memorable restaurants and cafes 🙂 And I can relate to that nostalgic feeling 🙂

  14. Bikramjit Singh Mann · September 12, 2012

    I am flying over and you are taking me there 🙂 he he hehe

    • kismitoffeebar · September 12, 2012

      Yes yes yes yes ! The hotpot and Turkish food, okay?

  15. Nithvin · September 13, 2012

    Loved the way you have described your experience here 🙂
    Have never tried Turkish food..but won’t hesitate when ever I get to ’cause of your reco 🙂

    • kismitoffeebar · September 14, 2012

      Definitely Nithvin – the taste burst is awesome 🙂 So go for it! 🙂

  16. Visha · September 14, 2012

    My Singapore tour guide Toffee 🙂

    Turkish food this time huh…cool that you get to have so many different types of cuisines and are willing to try them. Me, I am a bit skeptical of trying new food 😐

    During an office dinner, through repeated reco’s, I once had this Mediterranean meal, I think it was falafel and pita. So awesome it tasted that I started gushing about it to all 😆

    Now if I come across Turkish food, thanks to you, I will definitely give it a try 😉

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