Weekend foodie chronicles – 3

Ah yay! it’s that time of the week where I share what I have been churning out in my kitchen. I must tell you that these days I  feel like I am a Master Chef contestant (Ya, my middle name is narcissm) peeling away, sauting away, chopping away, frying away, steaming away and all those umpteen wonders you indulge in when you are in your own paradise.

Seriously. Like the other day, I was so engrossed in cooking and I was finishing up everything fast and looking at the time in between and pretending to be one of those contestants always juggling between the main course and dessert and all that. I even wiped my forehead that had absolutely no, absolutely NO sweat beads whatsoever. So, why did I engage in an act so blatantly ridiculous? Because it gave me a high and I felt I was running a restaurant (Yea right. For the two of us).

Come to think of it.  Usually, I take my own sweet time smelling every ingredient and wait for K to send out a couple of sirens like ” What’s cooking?” followed by “What stage is it in?” followed by ” I can almost feel the food coming to me” followed by”I am really hungry. Can I order pizza and have it by the time you finish the cooking?”. Ah yea, I can be as romantically slow as that. K is happy with my Master Chef declamation of sorts.

Straight to business.

I will cheat in this post. I will insert some weekday food here and there because I tried new things and don’t want to miss an opportunity to show off at any cost.

We went shopping to Little India from where I stock up everything at home. Sometimes, I re-stock it and create my own departmental store in the kitchen also. Don’t blame me. I got those genes from my mother. This time when I stocked up my refrigerator, I was like “Oh man! this looks like a refrigerator ad where the refrigerator looks so neatly organized like as though that was exactly what Keats referred to as “a thing of beauty“. For someone like me who used to behave as if the refrigerator is a place to hide everything stale, this looked refreshing !

What makes this a breathtaking sight for me is that there is no yesterday’s or day  before yesterday’s or last year’s food inside. All green and colourful and I even brought some carrots out of the veggie tray to add some orange to it. That carrot has now become like a shrivelled pickle of a thing is another story. 

It had been a while since I made Channa Masala and so this week, I tried it. I made it a bit soupy with extra gravy coz’ we were having it with rice and K always always needs his food submerged in a pot of gravy. If I make anything dry, he will ask me to make another dish with gravy – so I am getting smarter now.

I loved the taste. I added some extra tomatoes (more than usual) this time and loved the difference. We had it for lunch and dinner. Ya, our refrigerator now went back to being one.

And somewhere alongside this, I also made eNgai. I think it is a very Tamil dish – made with brinjals, carrots, potato. It tastes like absolute heaven with hot rice or rotis/ chappatis. Please make this if you haven’t and especially if you like eggplant!

I had a snap of the fry changing its colour but forgot to upload it. Ah, well !

 What went in  was-

And what came out –


Even as I am posting this, I am grabbing tissue after tissue to wipe my own drool. (Disgusting? Wait till you eat it).

And I tried making some kooTu sans coconut, another dish made commonly in southern part of India. But, to tell you honestly, I think this is probably made everywhere and assigned a different nomenclature. However, I did make my own changes interms of the leaves I used – I used pink amaranthus and I went wild with the spices and looked like a wizard making a crazy potion mixing off everything he finds on the rack. But the result was a very deceptively spicy looking dish but tasting moderately spicy and most importantly, very pleasant with rice.

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting danTu kooTu –

We had K’s friend and girlfriend joining us for lunch when I made this and even though they were Chinese and don’t eat a lot of Indian food, they seemed to be okay with this and had 2 servings !

What else did I make? Lets see now. Ah ! yes ! I tried the drumstick and shallot sambhar for the first time. I have made sambhar many a time  but never with drumstick. This was a first and turned out really aromatic. I don’t take any credit. The drumsticks and shallots deserve that. Yet, if you want me to take some, alright. You really are stubborn.

 I did make a mistake of boiling the shallots with dal for a little longer and they turned out soft and a couple became gooey. But well, the taste was amazing and I learnt a lesson for free. Right?

 And now for the show stealer ! Paruppu Kozhkotte –


 Okay. This one deserves an applause. I know many of you make kozhkottes but this one was my first and K and I loooooved it. I had this strange instinct right from morning at work that I must make them for dinner. It would be my first and strangely enough even ma  somehow brought that topic up. I thought it was God’s way of telling me to make them. So, I quickly made a mental note of ma‘s recipe and called K in the evening and the conversation ran like this —

Me: hey K ! K! K! K!

K: Hmmmmm?

Me: You know what I am making for dinner today? (all in a flurry of excitement)

K: Panner masala, mushroom machurian and fried rice?

Me: ……

K: oh plain rice?

Me:  I am making kozhkottes !

K: Ooooooooo! But I want potato fry. Make some potato fry with it.

Me: Arey, but! I am making chutney also. And well, kozhkottes…..

K: (cutting me off) I want potato fry. Please please please please.

Me: Phew, okay okay.

And then I made kozhkottes and potato fry and tomato chutney.K starts eating and the conversation is like:

K: These are really nice Kismitoffeebar! You must make these more often. But why did you make potato fry with these?

Me: (You imagine my expression) I thought I heard you say you wanted potato fry.

K: Oh that! Actually, I didn’t know what kozhkotte was. I thought it was a vegetable. I wasn’t sure if I’d like it and so asked you to make potato fry. You should have told me.

 That my dear folks, is my better half.

Sorry for a long post. But like I said, I really need to save every little dish incase someone asks me for my cooking journey when I become famous. 

What’s cooking, dear readers?


  1. Visha · June 11, 2012

    Pics not showing up for me 😦

    But from your words, I know you enjoyed cooking this week a lot.

    Dantu kootu??? Soooper Toffee

    and i want the recipe of Paruppu Kozhkotte!!

    Btw, K did not know abt Kozhkotte?? Maybe you had the pronunciation wrong 😛

    Morning started with the foodie chronicles…wow 😉

    • kismitoffeebar · June 11, 2012

      Hey Visha,

      Thankeeee 🙂 You know how to make paruppu vadai? the kozhkotte is made from that with some changes. will ping you the recipe 🙂
      Arey, he did not know of it. he did not even show any indication of previous encounter. but then he was brought up in Mumbai and the dishes they make is different from what I have grown up eating 🙂
      Tee hee, yeah your week will probably be loaded with food ! 🙂

  2. Jas · June 11, 2012

    The fridge really looks all loaded and with some really good ingredients. Can I have that Toblerone box? 🙂

    No I have never made Kozhkotte (I even have to go back and check my spellings) but you have made it sound tempting enough for me to try it.

    Just to make you jealous, I made Mango cheese cake 🙂

    • kismitoffeebar · June 11, 2012

      Sure you can have the Toblerone box by all means 🙂 Oh, please try them – soooper healthy and tasty ! 🙂 there are many varieties of it.
      Mango cheese cake. Hmmmmf. I was craving for some cake all weekend. Feel happy you managed to make me feel like a drool-covered puppy?

      • kismitoffeebar · June 11, 2012

        psst. share the snap na 🙂 atleast email it to me 😛

      • Jas · June 11, 2012

        Yippee mission accomplished 🙂

  3. techie2mom · June 11, 2012

    Wow!!!! you made me drool….can you please share those tissues?!?!?
    LOL on the “kozhkotte” story 😀

  4. techie2mom · June 11, 2012

    And i forgot to add we had Aalu puri, dosa & dhokla this weekend, followed by Haldiram’s Aalu tikki 🙂

    • kismitoffeebar · June 11, 2012

      He he, thanks techie2mom ! 🙂 You are too kind 🙂
      But wait! I need those tissues after reading what you had – aaloooo puri – I love, dosa – anytime ! Dhokla – haven’t had any fresh ones ever and I am a big fan of steamed food instspite of my oily self and aloo tikki – sigh 😦
      you’ve had a soooooper weekend ! 🙂

  5. greenboochi · June 11, 2012

    Awesome awesome stuff… the fridge looks right out of a magazine ad from my childhood that I used to drool at for hours together 🙂 super!

    Thandu kootu looks so yummmmmm!! My favorite! Wat a coincidence.. I too made “Keera Masiyal” this saturday.. 😛

    Paruppu kozhkattai looks great 🙂 K thought its a veggie.. haha 😆

    I am going to make chana masala soon.. you have tempted me enough… 😀

    Vengaya sambar with drumstick will always be great.. next time add in some brinjal, radish and potato together.. It will taste even better… 😉 best for rice as well as idli dosa…

    hey Kismi… I didnt even know how soon I have hit the end of the post.. so, its not at all long and if its food related, then bring it on!! 😀 now, this is turning out to be a long comment, so I am stopping here!

    • kismitoffeebar · June 11, 2012

      Greenbooochieeeeeeeeeeeee 🙂

      Thanks you so much 🙂 right out of magazine – really! so glad you related to it 😛
      keera masiyil is like my all time comfort food 😛 wait let me read it on your blog.
      K is like that only ya. You must have seen how anxious he was about the potato fry.
      Channa masala – please make it, definitely!
      I will remember the vengai drumstick sambhar additions – infact even ma asked me to add brinjal and potato.
      Long comments make me so happy that they add a year to my life. So, i will dish out more such posts 😛

  6. techie2mom · June 11, 2012

    Hey come over, will make garma garam dhokla for you 🙂 ,

    • kismitoffeebar · June 11, 2012

      I would looooooooove that, really! 🙂

      That comment made me really warm techie2mom. Like, when you have a friend on a blog asking you to come over and when they say they will make something garma garam for you. priceless. Thanks, really! 🙂
      I will come, someday.

      • techie2mom · June 11, 2012

        Hey you are most welcome 🙂

  7. aame · June 11, 2012

    Wow so many new dishes here !!! KooTu and Paruppu Kozhkotte… sound alike hubby would sure love these…share the recipe too na !!! And i so look forward to your food chronicles !!!! Waiting for the gulag-jamuns ! Our weekend special was Hakka noodles ( credit:Maggi ) 😉 Loved the conversation between you both during the whole Master chef cooking in action !!!! Am so excited so many new dishes to learn from here !!! Would help surprise the family when back home 😀

    • kismitoffeebar · June 11, 2012

      🙂 Thanks a lot dearie! I actually forgot to upload Gulab jamoons you know 😦 will put them up in the next foodie chronicles 🙂 Try them and I’d love to hear how it went. Oh, I loooove hakka noodles and sometimes that’s what I crave for 🙂

  8. Bikramjit Singh Mann · June 11, 2012

    I like those chick peas, but how do you make them now that is what i need to know and sambhar is my favourite but I can never make it ..

    whats cooking this side .. ooooh I got some very veyr exciting news but can only make it public on 18th of june .. well exciting for me dont know if others will be as happy as me to know it.. 5 years of work 🙂

    and weekend I made Meat , it was being made on very slow gas very very slow and i put it in morning and let it go on till evening .. 🙂

    Miracles do happen sometimes he he heeh

    • kismitoffeebar · June 12, 2012

      Hey Bikram,

      very very exciting news? I can hardly wait to know 🙂 all the best with it and congrats in advance 🙂
      He he – miracles ! i am sure you cook well. somehow I get that feeling. 😛
      chick peas – hmmmm. Just google channa masal. actually nothing can ever go wrong with channas and potatoes right? I am actually thinking of writing a quick recipe for each othe dishes I try. I will definitely keep you posted 🙂

  9. Smita · June 11, 2012

    My MIL will have a heart attack if she sees your refrigrator. She gets worried that if it is too much stocked the stuff wil go bad. Go figure!
    And lol @ your hubby asking “why you made fried aloo” so typical of Men no?

    And yes, the fridge does look lovely and well coordinated. BTW can we have a ‘now’ picture? 😀

    • kismitoffeebar · June 23, 2012

      Smith 🙂

      A warm welcome here 🙂 your comment was sent to spam by wordpress. Sigh 😦 I saw it and saved it just now 🙂
      Now pic – he he. Shopping has not happened and it is pretty barren fridge 😦
      Hehe can understand your MIL saying that.
      Hope to see you here more often :))

  10. My Era · June 11, 2012

    Yummy post….am glad I read it around dinner time 😉 😛
    Please share the recipe for kozhkottes for I have never ever heard/seen/read anything by that name, though your pics made me get too tempted to let it pass without try 😀 😀
    Loved the fridge shot, healthy, fresh ingredients 😀 😀

    • kismitoffeebar · June 12, 2012

      Hi ME,

      Okay ME. Just give em some time and I will put up recipes of all the food items I try 🙂
      I think you will love kozhkottes 🙂
      hehe, I looove my fridge shot too 😛

  11. Atrocious Scribblings · June 11, 2012

    They all look so dreamy and yummy and tasty and I can almost feel each of them dishes seducing me to take a bite. You owe me big time for piling on the jealousy on this one :P.

    I swear, if I had a superpower I would most definitely be called the Food Whisperer :D.

    Great to see you experimenting, would be awesome if you could post a link/ quick recipe to each of the items so that the rookies like me can have a go at it sometime.

    Cheers 🙂

    • kismitoffeebar · June 12, 2012

      Food whisperer? The dog whisperer has competition ! 😛
      Alrighty, I will make it up to you bigtime okay? 🙂

      Hmmmm, true that AS. I want to jot it down as well. i do jot it down in a book sometimes. Let me get around to sharing it sometime soon. never ever thought I’d have a food blog or share recipes – but whee! 🙂

  12. The Girl Next Door · June 11, 2012

    Your fridge does look like a thing of beauty. Ours alternates between being a thing of beauty and a storehouse of food cooked yesterday. 🙂

    Wow. Drooling at everything. I haven’t heard of any of these dishes except the drumstick sambar. And what a coincidence! I made drumstick sambar today!!

    Would love to have the recipes for all of your dishes pleaseeeeeeeee!

    BTW lots of new stuff cooking at our place too. Will put up a post soon. 🙂

  13. kismitoffeebar · June 12, 2012

    Really? you made drumstick sambhar? Awesome! 🙂 arey share share all the new things in your kitchen.
    I bought one raw mango (totapuri) to try your dish and am yet to make it. I will make it tonight or tomo at best, by God’s Grace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can you please share the undhiyo recipe sometime ?
    As for sharing my recipes, I will. I will share them in a while 🙂
    My fridge is super cool, no? ya, true that, our fridge alternates between the same two phases – thursday to sunday is fresh and mon to thurs – warehouse! 😛

  14. Destination Infinity · June 12, 2012

    Once, I made some rasam. Then I proceeded to make some sambhar. But there was no difference between the two of them! I was fed up and made only rasam from there on. eNgai is a Tamil dish? I wonder why I did not taste it before! I learned how to do dhal for chappati but people are monopolizing the kitchen here and not allowing me inside. So, need to wait for my chance to practice it! 🙂

    Destination Infinity

    • Sujatha · June 12, 2012

      i really loved your “what came out” section! i hate cooking so this is my fav fantasy to have that happen for real!!!

      • kismitoffeebar · June 12, 2012

        Thanks so much Sujatha ! 🙂 A big welcome here 🙂 Hope to see you more often. also, i’d love to see your blog. How do I go about it? maybe you want to give em a link? 🙂

    • kismitoffeebar · June 12, 2012

      Ya, eNgai is Tamil I think 😛 Or maybe like a mix of kannada and tamil 😛 You don’t get a chance to use the kitchen? I hope that changes soon 😛 and we all get to see your cooking chronicles 🙂

  15. Srinivas Sundaram · June 12, 2012

    Really awesome post…it has given a lot of new ideas/inspirations to me for trying out :-). Thank you.

    Will do so soon and let you know how it goes :-).

    • kismitoffeebar · June 13, 2012


      Welcome here ! 🙂 Would love to know how it goes for you ! 🙂 Pls do let me know and hope to see you by often !

  16. sm · June 12, 2012

    mouth watering pics

  17. pixie · June 13, 2012

    I love your food posts! Always makes me want to dash into the kitchen to cook something!! 😛
    thankfully, I am reading your post after a yummy dinner today! 😀

    • kismitoffeebar · June 13, 2012


      hehe thanks. Awesome to know that it makes you want to cook 😛

  18. Sumitra · June 14, 2012

    Awesome! I totally have shriveled up carrots in my kitchen too. I did purchase them with many good and healthy intentions though. 😀 And your fridge, my eyes immediately flew to the Toblerone box and refused to move for several minutes.

    Oh, and why didn’t you tell K what kolukkatte were? Totally your fault for not explaining it right 😀

    • kismitoffeebar · June 15, 2012

      First things first. The day I meet you, I will give you a Toblerone Box – am kind of fed up of eating them now, sadly 😦
      You on K’s side? sigh 😦 The world is so unfair 😛

      Thanks Sumitra! 🙂

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